Sunday, December 7, 2014

Inquisitorial Crusader

Last up on Lord Volkwin's retinue, is the Crusader. Hagar the Devout:

On the imperial shrine world of Senna 3, a crusader was concerned. He had taken an oath to protect and guard the ecclesiarchy’s high priest Malleroy, but hearing whispers surround him, as though from many small voices raised some alarm. At night when he stood guard outside the priest’s quarters, he heard conversations, even with nobody else present and no communicators working. Knowing that if he brought this to the ecclesiarchy, he would be severely punished and reprimanded for doubting a high ranking official, and even lose his rank and calling. Who would they trust more?

Hagar had heard stories of the inquisitors, but had never met one. He also knew of their brutal, but truth-seeking nature. He resolved that it would be better to be executed on the spot from an inquisitor’s bolt pistol than face a lifetime of flagellation by the ecclesiarchy. If he did nothing in this case, and this was chaos or xenos influence, then the consequences of him not bringing this to light would be much more dire.

Through underground means, he started to secretly spread the word that he was seeking the help of the inquisition. Lord Volkwin caught onto it and went to investigate. Once he realized it was a crusader who had sent for him, he became even more fervent in his investigation. for he knew of the oaths these individuals take, and to break them is to risk things worse than death.

It was soon discovered that high priest Malleroy was incubating genestealer spawnlings in his wardrobe room, and the priest himself was infected with the alien strain. He was smuggling these spawnlings out to infect others at key locations and if it had gone unhindered any longer, it would have started a genestealer cult on an important imperial shrine world. The cleansing on the world began, and the Deathwatch quickly answered the call to aid. Luckily the infection was still young and was quickly taken out.

Volkwin was impressed by the crusader, Hagar, and recruited him to be his 3rd acolyte. He named him Hagar the Devout. Not because he was devout to his calling or status, but because he was devout to the imperium. He needed more with the capacity to question, but remain so devoted. A trait not often awarded in such a universe.

Hagar always speaks in a calm monotone voice as if to be understood every word.

This conversion was pretty involved. The front body piece, legs, shoulders and arms are from the Tempestus Scions kit (an excellent and beautiful kit, by the way. You will see a lot of them used in several of my conversions. It's one of GW's better kits in my opinion, and many bits are a converter's dream.) The back cape actually comes from a Dwarf Warriors kit. The head is from Dark Elf Cold Ones. The shield and hammer shaft are from some Dark Angel bits (not sure which kits they came from), and the hammerhead is from a Mantic Forgefather kit. What I am most proud of is the Inquisition symbol embossed on the hammer's face. I carefully shaved the symbol from one of the bigger guns on a Grey Knights kit, and glued it to the hammer face. A perfect fit. I imagined this guy smashing enemies and embedding the Inquisitorial seal on them. Awesome.

Unfortunately this model is not entirely legal. In a previous edition of the Inquisition codex, Crusaders had 'power weapons', meaning I could choose for the model to have a power maul if I wanted. Later they clarified it and said crusaders have 'power swords'. So this will just have to make due. Calling it a power sword won't be so bad, though.

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