Saturday, December 20, 2014

XV9 Hazard Suit (How I did it - Part 4)

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This is where the XV9 really comes together. The legs and wings.
From left to right, the pictured pieces are knee-pads from an XV88 Broadside Battlesuit, little vents from a Space Marine power pack, and an XV8 Crisis Battlesuit leg.
First we need to attach the vents from the Space Marine backpacks. I removed the little nubs on the sides of the knees.
Glue on the vents. These make leg thrusters. Parts like these can simply represent the Vectored Retro-thrusters support system on battlesuits.
I put on the broadside battlesuit kneepads. These and the thrusters bulk up the legs. I also considered using Fire Warrior pauldrons.
The best feet for this are the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit feet. The XV8 feet aren't big enough. I generally start by mounting the feet first when the suit is making a standing pose. If you want to do a more dynamic running or flying pose, this part isn't necessary.
Now this thing is really starting to come together.
Moving onto the wings that are pretty signature to the XV9. Pictured above is a piece I added that the wings will mount to. This piece is the Target Lock signature system bit from the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit kit.
These are target lock signature system bits from the XV25 Stealthsuit kit. Cut them like above.
For the wings we will use the bits from the Sunshark Bomber kit. These are the wing bits on the Interceptor Drone. They have a little nub that sticks out. I removed it.
I cleared off the bottoms of 2 Shield Generator support systems from the Crisis kit. Then arrange and glue the target lock bits from the stealthsuits and the Interceptor Drone wing bits as pictured above.
Flip them upside-down and mount them on the Crisis suit target lock bits we mounted on the torso earlier. The mini-target locks are supposed to be facing back. They make up more of the vectored retro-thrusters system.

Next post will do the final parts. The arms, guns, and head.

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