Thursday, December 18, 2014

XV9 Hazard Suit (How I did it - Part 3)

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This post is about assembling the pelvis of our kitbashed XV9.
Start with the power unit from the back and thrusters part. This is the leftover piece. Start by cleaning it up and shave some of the edges down, get them beveled. This will become the waistline of the pelvis.
Now take the 2 pelvis pieces we cut off from their torso pieces and glue them together.
Make sure instead of the tops or bottoms lining up, the spherical hole where the legs insert keep lined up. Shave off and clean what you need on the top and bottom of this.
Glue on the power pack to the top of the pelvis. Clean up and even lines where you need to here.
Working on the back of the pelvis, I needed something to cover it and give it some substance back there. You are welcome to use whatever you want here, I used a couple parts. The yellow is leftover from cannibalizing a space marine's jump pack.
This is a support system bit from an XV88 Broadside Battlesuit kit. I cut off the 2 side pieces.
Those 2 side pieces flank the jump pack. This completes the back of the pelvis. Again, you are welcome to put what you want back here. Without these bits the torso just looks too small and doesn't have enough substance.
Now back to the front of the pelvis, I added the leftover bits we cut off from the outer shell of the stealthsuit. This completes the pelvis.
Now to mounting the pelvis to the torso. Here at the bottom of the torso we needed the pelvis to set inside it a little, so it looks like the torso is attached to the pelvis, and not just resting on top. I used a rotary tool to grind down a cavity in the center of the bottom of the torso.
This allows for some creative posing you may want to do with your battlesuit. It can determine whether you want the torso twisting a different direction of the pelvis, leaning down, facing up, etc.

Next post we'll get into the legs and wings.

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