Friday, July 8, 2016

Basing my Duardin and Forgesworn Eternals

For a while I was debating on how I would base my Duardin and Stormcast Eternals. I wanted to try something other than sand and paint. I also know I wanted to try some snow, using a handy little tip I discovered to make snow paste out of a mixture of baking soda, white acrylic paint, and PVA glue (I'll do a post about that method when I get to that point).

Then I saw this kickstarter, and fell in love. I've seen the basius kickstarters before, but as with most things from over the great pond, the price range keeps me at bay. However this new kickstarter is doing smaller 50mm square texture pads at a much more affordable price range. And it was this pad I am totally stoked about:
So I will be using that texture on all my bases to join both armies' themes together, and add some snow on top of that. I can also see some use for this on my display board.

So check them out. For about $15 US (incl. shipping and handling) is about how much one pad will cost. They still have about a week to go and are way past their goals.

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