Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quick Tip - Cupcake Trays

Just a little hobby tip I thought I'd share. I love this.

I usually plan out my conversions and building units of models ahead of time, this means arranging all the bits and ensure there are no doubles in pairings of similar bits to each other to help ensure each model in a unit is uniquely posed in some way.

I used to lay the bits out on a table, but it took up too much space and was prone to getting knocked around or bits rolling into other piles.
This was me planning out the bits for one of my units of Wracks.
So I use a cupcake tray. It keeps the bits separated and I can arrange them at ease. Whenever I build a unit, I will always use this first. Also as I am gluing models, I use the assembly line method just like with painting. I will go through each mini and glue the legs to torsos, then once I get through them all the paint should be dry for me to do all the heads, etc.


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    1. Thanks. Right now my daughter got me a box of skeletons for my birthday and I am using a cupcake tray for it. Of course I assure my wife I will wash it afterwards :)