Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gamer A.D.D. - Song of Blades and Heroes (SoBaH)

I have just recently happened upon the Song of Blades and Heroes family of games by Ganesha Games. I gotta say I am getting hooked. I love the idea of skirmish gaming, and lately I have been interested in fantasy. This has started to take the place of Frostgrave for my interest in fantasy skirmish (Note: Age of Sigmar I do not consider a fantasy skirmish, so that still holds the mass battles spot for me).

From what I am reading, the core game system is simpler and more flexible than Frostgrave. You build the profiles for your models from scratch, and it uses an equation for configuring their points values. This is a really good feeling because I love the idea of making profiles to match the miniatures, rather than making/finding miniatures to match the profiles.

The system is really simple and could be a great intro to teach people about miniature wargaming, because all the elements are there for it, without going too complex. One of my Youtubers did a video on it that I like. Also another blogger I follow used this game to teach his young daughter her first miniatures game in a post. A lesson I plan to emulate with mine. Right now my daughter is only 4, and so we are still trying to teach her the fundamentals of Uno and Candyland.

So for fun I went around and started making profiles for a bunch of minis. This is what Reaper was made for. Cheap minis with a huge variety, allowing you to build whatever warband you want.

I have 3 books of this, I will go through each one with a description.
This is the basic rulebook for SoBaH, and the rules in their simplest form. With this you could easily build a warband of just about any type and theme, and all the images above use the rules from this alone.
For those wanting more granularity in the game, and this provides just that. Mainly an additional reaction mechanic to make the games a little more interesting, along with actual weapon and magic rules. The other edition has an abstraction of weapons and magic to keep it simple. This is pretty massive in what it brings and can be kind of overwhelming. The unfortunate thing is when reading through this book, the simplicity of the game loses some of its charm, but the good thing is there are a lot more options for building profiles.
This is a standalone post apocalyptic scifi game using the SoBaH system. I actually got to play a demo game with my brother using this, and it was a lot of fun. It's very interesting to experience the core game system and see how it works. He played his Orks, using them as mutant humans, and I played my Inquisition, using them as pureblood humans. Again, the beautiful thing about these games is you build the profiles to match the minis you have, not the other way around. It really makes those conversions you do worth while.

I will go over some conversions I did on some Reaper minis for my Dwarf warband in a later post.

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