Sunday, May 22, 2016

Deadzone - Enforcers, Rebs, and Plague Oh my!

I am pretty sure this is going to be the last new miniatures I am buying for Deadzone for a while.
First off I bought off of Ebay a Pathfinder expansion set. They are the scouts of the Enforcers. One of the models comes with this neat little monowheel scout bike. In the new rules, this bike is treated as an item that you can equip on just about any model, no restrictions. So as far as I can tell this model usually comes with a Pathfinder riding it, but it doesn't need to be that way. I put one of my Assault Enforcers on it, with the plans of having a melee guy zip up and punch something in the opponent's force. So as far as I can tell this conversion is legal, unless they FAQ it or something.
With that conversion I am left with 2 Pathfinders on foot (the one on the right was mounted on the bike, but I have her propped up on some debris).

Then I started looking through that big lot of Reaper Bones I got a while back, and realized I had some good minis to represent Rebs. I didn't know what game I would use these for, and this turned out to be perfect.
According to Reaper, these are the Nova Corp, but in Deadzone they will be Rebel Troopers. Cheap human models with rifles. They can be the backbone of my Human-centric strike force.
To Reaper these are IMEF troopers, and in Deadzone they will be my Rebel Grogan. While in the setting, Grogan are an alien race, a little more monstrous and tougher than humans, that will be represented by their heavier armour. The guy on the far left will be equipped with the Onsought Cannon, and the rest just have rifles.
Then some of my other Chronoscope minis will be the other parts of my Rebs. The far left is a Rebel Commander with Blaster, then a Rebel Commander with Rifle, then a Rebel Specialist with Sniper Rifle, and the big ape dude will count as the Rebel Teraton. The nice thing about all these is they already have textured bases which I think fit pretty close with the rest of my Deadzone minis. So no need to rebase them.

With the power of Ebay, I was able to score my next, and LAST, faction starter for Deadzone. The Plague.
Not much of a conversion effort going on here. Just my leader Stage 1A in the front and some leaping Stage 2A's in the back. With my plague force basings, I cut back on the concrete slabs and went with more gravel and dirt. This is to show the state of ruin things become when a Plague infestation occurs.
Here are the Stage 3A's and specialists. The only converting here is one of the Stage 3A's was converted to carrying a grenade launcher from a bit I had. There was also another Stage 3A model that I converted into something else, which you will see. And of course the hounds. As you can see the concrete gets more sparse.
And the real reason I started collecting a Plague force. These are some of the zombies I used in our Zone Mortalis campaign my brother, Jarom, and I did a couple months ago. They acted as the native denizens of the space hulk that the kill-teams had to occasionally encounter. It was a fun campaign and it only worked out that these are made from a Mantic zombies kit, and Plague forces can take Zombies as well, which a Zombie themed force actually turns out to be pretty competitive.
This is the last part of my Plague force. One of the Leader options for plague is a Stage 3 general. I took one of the regular Stage 3A models and added a Tempestus Scion character coat, and a beret from one of the heads. This gives him a very 'general' look. I can't wait to get this guy painted, one day.

Well that should be it for my Deadzone forces. I currently have 4, which is enough to give demos and give players options.

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