Saturday, May 28, 2016

Deadzone - Item Counters

When I put in my original pledge to the Deadzone Infestation kickstarter, I went ahead and added one of these as an extra.
These are for Dreadball Xtreme, but I saw a lot of potentially useful bits for terrain or whatever. When I got to them, all the small crates had little lids on them, with symbols underneath. I gathered they were some sort of scoring system for Dreadbal Xtreme, so I had an idea. With Deadzone 2.0 there are 16 item counters. On one side is a standard crate symbol, and on the other is one of the random items you are supposed to be able to pick up in game. There are 16 of those little crates with lids in that Xtreme Scenery pack.
Lids on
Lids off
So I took the old Dremel tool, ground out the original symbols under the lids, made little item tokens on my computer, printed them onto label paper, cut them out, and stuck them inside the lids. Perfect for a more scenic random items option.


  1. Hey I've been looking for this crates for hours, nowhere to find them. I also cannot find the symbol to print out. would you be so kind to make the ones you make free to download

    1. Sure thing! Email me requesting it, and I will forward it to you.