Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gorkamorka - Gorker Mob WIP

So Miniwargaming, a favorite YouTube channel, is doing their own Gorkamorka campaign, and it has gotten my brother and I pretty stoked about our future campaign plans. They are doing a modified rules set to get some of it updated, which I am enjoying. Some of the original gorkamorka rules have the really oldschool feeling about them, which can be kind of wonky. So we have been getting our mobs built up, and this is what I have so far:

Left to right: Boy with shoota, Nob Ugthug with 'uge choppa, and a bike with its spanner
Da 'Ard 'Eads are a mob of Gorkers (those who worship Gork over Mork) and are lead by a brutal but cunning ork named Nob Ugthug. He pays a special reverence to heavy armour and helmets. Any boyz that want to be part of his mob must wear their helmets when out raiding in da skid, and as they grow up and become bigger, they get heavier armour. Generally the boyz in my mob are made from the fantasy black orc/'Ardboys kit, mixed with bits from various sources and Nobz. This way I could get the appropriate 40k ork bits with the brutal heavy armour look of the fantasy models. The bike on the right was a challenge to build as I didn't have a biker boy body to ride on it, instead I had to modify one of the fantasy ork bodies to sit on the bike properly. I think it looks convincing enough. Also a big difference between Gorkamorka and 40k are the way vehicles work. Bikes can technically carry models as a transport. I see using this model to zip up and snatch scrap or just deliver hurt from whatever is sitting in the rollcage back there.
Left to right: Yoof with slugga and shield, Boy with shoota, and Yoof with choppa and shield
I have a few Yoofs (teenage orks) in here and they will be represented by regular boyz models, as they have not earned their heavier armour yet. When they upgrade, I will be moving the helmets and gear to the fantasy models to show how they've grown. All that remains to build for this army is a Trukk and its driver/spanner, and I have plans for that.

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