Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gorkamorka - Mutiez WIP

Now for my second mob for Gorkamorka, the Mutiez:


Left to rightL Seeker Gogmagog and the Keeper
Lead by Seeker Gogmagog of Magod. The mutiez are mutant humans stranded on this world, forced to live amongst their irradiated damaged ship, and survive against the Orks and other dangers of the world. Despite all being horribly mutated, they are deeply religious, always seek knowledge and technology, and always mounted. They have no vehicles only their mutated mounts. All the mounts here are made from Slaanesh Seekers bits, and the riders are made from various bits from allover. Some random ones from my bits collection, some Bretonians, some Skitarii, etc. Mutiez have the most powerful and advanced weaponry in the game, so each model is very espensive.
Two more mutiez are the Snaggaz. Thinner and quicker mutiez with a higher ballistics skill. These guys each have a gun. The Questing Knights always wear their knightly helmets because they are ashamed of their horrible visages. You can see all the random mutations on these guys.
Last are the Unks, which are heavier set and stronger mutiez. These guys primarily will have the melee weapons. The green one has his limbs made with greenstuff. He's a tentacle mutant.

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