Monday, May 16, 2016

The Coven of Verminlord Skrax - WIP Haemonculi

Since I got my Deadzone kickstarter, I finally have the last 2 models I need to finish building my Haemonculus Covens army. This army has been in the plans for quite some time. I was planning the conversions about the time I did the backing. It was a couple of the minis they showed on the rewards page that solidified what kind of army I wanted to do. The original beginning idea for the army I already outlined here.
First off is the second Haemonculus in my army. This will be Venomlord Stich, the second of Verminlord Skrax' lieutenants. This one will follow the theme of my Wracks, as shown with the larger whip coil on his arm. Again, keeping with the WYSIWYG ranged weapons, he is holding a splinter pistol gangsta style in his left hand. The model is the Piper, a Kickstarter exclusive miniature for Deadzone 2.0. The part I love about him is his foot is propped on a pipe coming out of the ground with a swarm of rats pouring out. Very apt, I think.
And finally we have the master Haemonculus himself, Verminlord Skrax. I have a complete origin story for him, which I will provide on a later date. I have an arrangement with my brother, Jarom, to illustrate a short comic I wrote telling the story of Lord Sigcourax and his transformation. When that gets done I will post it here. In an exchange I will be painting 30+ Stormboys for his army. The base model for this is the Brood Mother, another miniature from the Deadzone Kickstarter. When I saw this mini I knew it had to become the final vessel for my warlord, an especially imposing rat. I mounted the usual WYSIWYG splinter pistol on his left arm and replaced the staff tip with that of a warpstone, similar to what I did for Warplord Tich. The mini is actually pretty large for a 25mm base, so I did the piece of scrap he is standing on, and careful not to completely cover the base for measuring. I was about to mount him on a 32mm base, but at a tournament it could be argued that it is not a legal conversion, because all official Haemonculus models are on 25mm bases.

The good news is my entire 1850 pt Haemonculus Covens is completely built. Now just to get it all painted in time for the tournament, as well as complete my display board.

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