Friday, June 17, 2016

Commision - Ork Stormboyz and Boss Zagstruk

I commissioned my brother, who is quite an artist, to illustrate me a 6 page comic book that tells the story of my Haemonculus Covens army. The plan is to make a neat little black and white booklet that I hand out to my opponents and the TO's at the tournament so they can catch a glimpse of the army's backstory, and on the back of the comic will be my actual army list. So hopefully you will see that soon, as it gets done I will post the pages here.

As a trade for his work, I am painting a couple squads of his Orks. First are his counts-as Zagstruk and Stormboyz, then are a bunch of Lootaz. I haven't started the Lootaz yet, though.
Boss Zagstruk. My brother likes to loot a lot of toys, to put it mildly. Much of his force comes from various anime toy lines to fit the theme of a Mek force. There is also a lot of Tau tech looting as well. Zagstruk here is quite a big model, that he stands out among the rest of the stormboyz as a centerpiece, but not too big to completely dwarf them.
As well as the orks looting their tech, Jarom likes to loot other kits. All of these boyz are just Assault on Blackreach boys and from the regular boys kit. The nobs in the center of each squad are made from the nobz kit, with looted old Crisis suit parts. I am also a fan of his flying stands made of nails. The idea with his army is a lot of it is in this blue and khaki color. The story is that is a Tau sept color they got a lot of their tech from, and with them being of the Deathskulls clan, blue is kinda their color. They find themselves lucky to have stuff already painted blue.
The whole lot of them.

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