Monday, June 6, 2016

Forgesworn Eternals - Knight-Questor

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower looks like a pretty cool game. I'll be looking into playing it sometime. The good thing is people are taking the box set and splitting it up and selling the individual minis and parts. This means I was able to buy the Stormcast Eternals hero mini, the Knight-Questor, for only about $12 on ebay. I couldn't resist adding another member into my custom stormhost.
For this Forgesworn Eternal, the quest never ends.
Along with the usual Irondrake headswap, I also added horns to it to show its rank as a hero, gave it a new belt buckle, replaced the sword with the Longbeard Old Guard two-handed axe, and added a rune enchantment to the shield.

knight-questor conversion

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