Friday, June 3, 2016

Zone Mortalis Tiles Project - Tiles COMPLETE

A HUGE portion of my Zone Mortalis tiles project is complete. The tiles. I am really happy with the way these turned out, so I took out some painted minis and my phone and did some action shots to show the potential of these tiles.
All 18 tiles!
Warplord Tich has found a vital part of the hulk's systems.
Tau expeditionary force find a defensible position.
This main control panel show the hulk's orbital and internal schematics.
A skirmish breaks out in front of the main pump control station.
Warplord Tich meddles with the stasis tanks.
An Inquisitorial retinue sniff out heresy and whatever knowledge they can recover.
Dare the long corridor to get to your objective.
The Acolytes encounter the Verminlord's minions in one of the ship's many many rooms.
Navigate the twists and turns to make your way through the hulk.
A possible view from your force in starting position.
It's not all claustrophobic corridors. Some rooms open up to large areas.
Control panels dot the many corridors of the hulk. The one is locked under Inquisitorial control.
This one has been captured by Verminlord Skrax' minions.
This has just been in the warp too long.
A possible escape hatch, or a lead to more of the hulk.
Through the viewglass there lies commotion...
Thankfully it's locked in the prison cell.
The vigilant servo-skull continues to document and scan the mysterious hulk. This is only the beginning.
I am almost done with the entire project. Next I just have to finish up the many doors and doodads for the tiles. More on that soon!

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