Monday, June 13, 2016

Gorkamorka - Gorker Trukk and Driver

Along with the bike, the flagship of my Gorker mob will be a trukk. The beauty of Gorkamorka is it definitely encourages kitbashing and home building of your mobs. So I went to my local Hobby Lobby to peruse their selection of cheapish model kits. I examined some military vehicles not sure if they would be big enough, but I found what I thought would be perfect. This snap-tite old firetruck kit, which I got for about $16. I liked the look of the front, and could see it being long enough to fit lots of boys.
So I got to work on it, tearing the bits apart and doing cutting and ruining to it that would probably make the original designer sick. Add to that lots of use with plasticard and many different bits from my collection, and I get this:

Da Hukkatrukka
In case you are wondering, that emblem on the driver's door there is the ork glyph for "ZOG OFF!"
I painstakingly armored up the wheels. Rubber tires likely wouldn't last very long on the deserts of Angelis.
The driver area is just a floorboard so I can easily just stick the driver with his base on there. Also those 2 round mounts in the middle are magnetized for operators, who will be controlling the future gibbins.
A nice long trukk bed that comfortably fits 6 orks on bases. Add to that the 2 gubbins points in the middle, and a driver, I can fit a mob of 9 models on this trukk alone. That's key with Gorkamorka.
The spanner, and driver, for the Hukkatrukka. His one arm is holding the steering wheel. That was an aspect I liked about Mad Max: Fury Road, that the drivers pretty much used the steering wheels as the keys, of sorts. The other hand is holding a pistol grip. Just the grip because right now I didn't have enough teef to give him a weapon.
The whole mob together. Once I get some paint on these guys, then the sands of Da Skid will know the brutality of Nob Ugthug, an' Da 'Ard 'Eads!
I also have a lot of gubbins which I will not show yet. You will see those as our mobs progress. The trukk does have several hardpoints I planned ahead for mounting the gubbins I made up.

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