Monday, June 27, 2016

Unboxing Warhammer Quest Silver Tower... sort of...

I am sort of cheating when it comes to getting into Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. When you research this product you find the trend that people tend to put more value into the game's models and miniatures than the actual game itself. This is not uncommon for GW boardgames, and Silver Tower (after said research) is looking more and more attractive to play. The advantage of people putting more value in the miniatures, is that you can generally get the non-miniatures game components for cheap. Then with some creative or simple proxying, you can have yourself a fully playable copy of the game. So here is my unboxing of Silver Tower - on the cheap.
First off I found an empty shirtbox and reinforced it with tape and did my own little logo on the top for storage.
All parts held in ziplock bags, just like all your other 'official' boardgames at home!
This is the real meat of the game. All this stuff here I got for about $25 at hobby titan. It's the game tiles, tokens, destiny wheel, rulebook and adventure book, and all the cards (Except the hero cards, but more on that later). With this and the proxy minis and some dice I can play a perfectly functional game of silver tower!
As it turned out I had quite the collection of old pre-painted D&D minis that I had forgotten about. Some of them I had bought during my more frequent RPG era, but others I got in bulk second hand. I searched through my collection for the most suitable minis, generally only finding those that are loosely suitable, but can work in the context. The bonus here is I will be playing with painted minis (haha) and using these may bring in more of a traditional D&D dungeon crawl feel to it.

As you may notice there is nothing here for the hero characters. Well that's what's nice about the Silver Tower app, but also I have made a few myself. More on that next time.

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