Thursday, June 9, 2016

Zone Mortalis Tiles Project - Doors and Doodads COMPLETE

A huge wave of relief is upon me as this Zone Mortalis tiles project is complete. But really there is one more thing, to figure out a means of transporting the tiles. But there's no casting or painting involved in that project so I am comfortable with it.

So here are some more pictures with the new doors and doodads in action, but this time with my Deadzone figures. I built this project with that game in mind too.
8x Large Doors, 8x Small Doors, 2 double doors for the cell, and a Core with 4x gangplanks that lead to it.
The planks lead to the core where a Forgefather Engineer begins working on it.
I wonder what lies in Cell 13...
Oh no...
This can't be good.
I have 3" squares gridded off with subtle black lines. The idea is so these tiles can be used for Deadzone as well as whatever else, like 40k.

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