Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Forthammer Clan Throng - Old Steamsuit and Runelord

I have a few extra minis for my Dwarfs that have been on my painting queue for quite some time. Well it took a little push to get them bumped to the top. I have a friend coming over this weekend, and he is an RPGer. We rolled together back in my RPG days. He knows I concentrate primarily on miniwargaming nowadays, so in order to help him better understand my hobby, I offered to run a demo game with him. Song of Blades and Heroes is the perfect game to intro people into the basics of miniature war gaming. It's fast, simple, and small scale. This video explains why better than I can.

So I am double timing it right now to get some fantasy terrain going (as I have none in my personal collection, more on that in a later post), and to get 2 warbands worth of minis ready for him. He wanted to try playing Dwarfs. For that I finished painting these 2 characters that I am proud to use in a SoBaH warband:
This is one of the renditions of Dunhill Forthammer. I showed this mini a few times a while and described it a little more here. Of course I have fascinations with the steamsuits, so this is one of the incarnations. I really should do a post about Dunhill's many different steamsuits. He's like Ironman constantly tinkering and adding more suits to his collection.
This is his daughter, Bree Dunsdottir. Again, I touched on her story a little more here. If there wasn't such a strict GW-only policy at the LVO, I would have had her painted and added to my army then. I love the look of this mini. It's my favorite female dwarf sculpt. She shows so much power, and in our SoBaH game, she will be an Enchanter, sort of a buff-mage.

As you can see, I painted them up to match the color scheme of the rest of my Duardin army in case I want to run them there too.

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