Sunday, April 30, 2017

Song of Blades and Heroes Report

Just a few quick things. I demo'd the game of Song of Blades and Heroes with my friend from out of town. We both had a blast. It was a good experience for both of us, and he got a better idea of miniature wargaming in general.

I am absolutely kicking myself for not taking any pictures of the game, but I can at least give a quick summary of what happened. His Dwarfs entered the ruins and found out it was inhabited by a nasty warband of Nurgle worshippers lead by Lord Gagnus (or a variant of him). Dunhill's expedition had to make quick work of discovering any evidence of what happened in the town, and quickly found a chest full of important items and information. There were casualties on both sides, and they barely made it out alive from the inexorable advance of the followers of the Plague God.

Here are the warband rosters I used in this little adventure.
The strength of the Dwarfs here is some good shooting and heavy armor all around. Their weakness of course is their movement.
The strength of the followers of Nurgle is the common use of Poison and numbers, but weakness is varying degrees of quality.
Again, he had a great time, and was already talking about the next time we would be able to get together in the future, he could make his own warband from his own little D&D minis collection.

Speaking of getting people into the hobby, while I was making all my terrain, my daughter's eyes glowed while I built up the ruins, and since I had some leftover bricks. She decided to take a stab at terrain building.
With the advance of the dreaded Queen Miranda, lone hero Pedro Pony decides to take refuge in the tower!